Covent Garden

I love Covent Garden. It’s all my favourite things in one place: pleasant music, good food, chocolate, street performers, tea, fashion outlets.

I like watching all the people, all enjoying themselves in their different ways. Some sit at any one of the cosy cafés, enjoying a cup of tea, an Italian meal, a good glass of wine or whatever tickles their fancy, while listening to the musicians, whom I find to be not bad at all.

I’ve watched the street performers and noticed that they seem to borrow a few tricks from each other, especially when it comes to attracting that extra penny. Some remain entertaining in spite of these common tricks, with others it just sounds old. Still, there all entertaining. After a while, I’ll probably have watched them all, and I wonder what will be left to enjoy then, seeing as they seem to perform the same acts everyday. Or perhaps it doesn’t matter to them and they don’t expect the same people to turn up several days in a row. I guess I’ll just keep going back and see.


The thing about London is…

  1. It rains too bl**dy much! It just never stops, and a tad more annoying is it often just goes on pattering; instead of making up it’s mind to fall reasonably and at once, help with this curious drought, at the very least.


2. On the bright side, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do for leisure. And – wait for it- you don’t even have to pay for a number of them. It doesn’t get any better than that, I declare. My personal favourites:

    • Hundreds of free films at the BFI Mediatheque. if you’re a film lover, this one is a must-do.
    • Free (again!) access to most museums. My love for freebies must be shining through rather brightly at this point, I suppose, but hey, who amongst you can solemnly declare not to love not to have to pay for something every now and then? Raise your hands and I’ll show you a sayer of the non-truth.
    • The markets – Portobello market top of my list.
    • Tea at some fancy places (not free, most def!): the Athanaeum, Landmark Hotel, Hilton Park Lane, even the Savoy. Yes, you got me. I’m now just showing off! 🙂 Just have tea in your garden, I’m certain it’ll taste just as good. Tea has got to be one of my most favourite British pass times. Mum says I’m ageing. I just love my tea. Some people love coffee, I love tea.

3. The sales in the fashion houses just never end. If there’s any excuse for a sale, it will be used. And I aint complaining. End of month sale, Easter sale, end of season sale, April sale, spring sale, mid-season sale, feelgood sale, everything must go sale, sale, sale, sale. Just about the only thing one can thank the credit crunch for, perhaps.

4. You’ll find music/a musician just about everywhere. The underground, streets, anywhere that’s legal, someone will set up their equipment and proceed to entertain.

5. There are monuments everywhere. These people are big on history.




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