Enlarging my thingies

Some of the information on me out there on the internet must indicate me to be male, going by the number of spam email I receive on penis enlargement and viagra sales.

‘Jamie Lynn is sexier than Britney, look at the desire in her eyes’ followed by a link directing me to http://www.spermtop.com Sperm in my spam, eh genius? I didn’t need to follow the link to know that it was going to be another one on penile enlargement or viagra.

Or ‘Ms… we can get you a discount on viagra with free shipping to your location’ or ‘girls love it big, you can grow your penis and make girls love you in bed’ and so many other creative lines to get me to want to increase my penis. Hellooo spammers, I’m female! Yes I love it big but am not looking to enlarge my thingies. We are fine, thank you for asking. And yes, Mr Man is really big and super gifted in that area so he needs no help there either.

I wonder who does these marketeers’ market survey and how they pick out their victims. Do they simply send out random emails to random email addresses and hope to get lucky? How many of the unlucky chosen ones actually respond? Perhaps people actually email back and purchase these products, otherwise these marketeers would have already abandoned this spamming strategy, I presume. As for me, I’ll continue to direct them to my spam folder. Will they ever get the point, do you think? I fear not.