The thing about London is…

  1. It rains too bl**dy much! It just never stops, and a tad more annoying is it often just goes on pattering; instead of making up it’s mind to fall reasonably and at once, help with this curious drought, at the very least.


2. On the bright side, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do for leisure. And – wait for it- you don’t even have to pay for a number of them. It doesn’t get any better than that, I declare. My personal favourites:

      • Hundreds of free films at the BFI Mediatheque. if you’re a film lover, this one is a must-do.
      • Free (again!) access to most museums. My love for freebies must be shining through rather brightly at this point, I suppose, but hey, who amongst you can solemnly declare not to love not to have to pay for something every now and then? Raise your hands and I’ll show you a sayer of the non-truth.
      • The markets – Portobello market top of my list.
      • Tea at some fancy places (not free, most def!): the Athanaeum, Landmark Hotel, Hilton Park Lane, even the Savoy. Yes, you got me. I’m now just showing off! đŸ™‚ Just have tea in your garden, I’m certain it’ll taste just as good. Tea has got to be one of my most favourite British pass times. Mum says I’m ageing. I just love my tea. Some people love coffee, I love tea.

3. The sales in the fashion houses just never end. If there’s any excuse for a sale, it will be used. And I aint complaining. End of month sale, Easter sale, end of season sale, April sale, spring sale, mid-season sale, feelgood sale, everything must go sale, sale, sale, sale. Just about the only thing one can thank the credit crunch for, perhaps.

4. You’ll find music/a musician just about everywhere. The underground, streets, anywhere that’s legal, someone will set up their equipment and proceed to entertain.

5. There are monuments everywhere. These people are big on history.






6. There’s someone always trying to give you a voucher to this or that. I always take them. Who doesn’t love a discount?

7. You’ll sit on the train one day, and there’ll be just about one Briton on that particular car. Or none at all. This global village thing is real. The efflux just happens to be greater east to west, I guess.

8. You can’t help out an elderly person on the bus or anywhere should they stumble or something like that. Why? Because they may fall, break a hip, et cetera then turn around and say you had something to do with it THEN sue your pants off. Hmm. Or so I’m told. What happened to simple acts of kindness, one might ask. Litigation, I’d say.

9. (and the rest of the west, I guess) most people just never carry their babies. They’ll push them everywhere and at all times in prams, feed them from these prams when they stop for a bite, and move them to a swinging cot when they get home (I suppose), so that other duties can be attended to. When is bonding time, I wonder. I imagine if for some reason this baby’s mother did not breast feed, how many minutes in a day this child might spend in it’s mother’s arms. Either way, feeding time at home must be the only time these children get held in a pair of loving arms. Or are we in Africa just taking too long to catch on? Maybe we just can’t afford prams. Or have no where to push them. Or both. Both, actually, if you’re interested. And before any one gets their knickers in a twist, I’m not judging, just saying.

10. You’ve got an endless choice of theatre productions to go to. Three hours of beautiful story-telling and exhilarating music on any given day, 365 days a year.

11. The night life is super! And even when the last McDonald’s closes for the night/morning, you’re still guaranteed to find a place to get some coffee to wake you up and a kebab to boot, while you wait for 5.45am for umm…(clears throat)…the trains to start running so you can head back home. The buses are a bigger hassle, you feel. Oi, fancy a shake-down in Soho?


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