Eating Holiday

I need a holiday. To go away some place where I’ll wake up with only a single concern every morning: to feed this body of mine. To eat some good and some not-considered-so-good food. To spoil myself with fries and burgers, coffee and loads of chocolate, ice cream and cake. To be bad (or good, depending on how you see it) to myself for while, to over indulge. To feel no guilt at a late morning or an inactive day.

My sole purpose will be to walk about, not aimlessly, but seeing sights; stopping only to drink in the pleasure. I’ll eat some strange foods and talk to some strangers. They’ll talk back in accents I don’t understand and I’ll giggle like a school girl.

I’ll see new places, learn new things and meet new people. There will be new music, new stories, new folklore, new jokes, new festivals. Even new dreams, I imagine. I’ll relax, forget a little and live a whole lot. I’ll take long walks, and learn to appreciate art and wine. I’ll take boat rides, go treausure hunting and wish upon stars.

And when my holiday ends, I’ll be a new creature. With bigger cheeks, of course.

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Enlarging my thingies

Some of the information on me out there on the internet must indicate me to be male, going by the number of spam email I receive on penis enlargement and viagra sales.

‘Jamie Lynn is sexier than Britney, look at the desire in her eyes’ followed by a link directing me to Sperm in my spam, eh genius? I didn’t need to follow the link to know that it was going to be another one on penile enlargement or viagra.

Or ‘Ms… we can get you a discount on viagra with free shipping to your location’ or ‘girls love it big, you can grow your penis and make girls love you in bed’ and so many other creative lines to get me to want to increase my penis. Hellooo spammers, I’m female! Yes I love it big but am not looking to enlarge my thingies. We are fine, thank you for asking. And yes, Mr Man is really big and super gifted in that area so he needs no help there either.

I wonder who does these marketeers’ market survey and how they pick out their victims. Do they simply send out random emails to random email addresses and hope to get lucky? How many of the unlucky chosen ones actually respond? Perhaps people actually email back and purchase these products, otherwise these marketeers would have already abandoned this spamming strategy, I presume. As for me, I’ll continue to direct them to my spam folder. Will they ever get the point, do you think? I fear not.


Do no harm. That's it.

No excuses, no rationalisations. Do no harm, period.

To do good, only, always. How hard can that be? Well, very hard, sometimes. But like we’ve agreed: do no harm, that’s it. Actually I don’t think that’s enough. Sometimes doing no harm does not translate to doing good. Sometimes doing nothing may mean no harm has been done, but neither may good have been done. Sometimes doing nothing may actually wind up being harmful. I only know I haven’t done harm when I’m certain my inaction or action has brought about good.

So, do no harm. That’s it.


I’m glad WordPress has a like button. It’s optional and I’ve been disappointed when I’ve scrolled down after reading someone’s blog to find they didn’t activate the like option. I’ve conclude that these people probably deactivate the like button not just to avoid notifications (there’s email settings for that, right?) but to get people to put their ‘like’ in words in the comment box.

I usually ‘like’ a post for several reasons

1. When I’ve really liked the post (you get what I mean). Of course I don’t always click the like button and that does not mean I didn’t like what I read, I may just get straight to the comment box.

2. When I feel under-qualified to comment. In these instances I want to show the writer that I’ve been to his/her pages and read their work and liked it, but

a) I just couldn’t find the right words to express myself or
b) the topic is above me, in a way. I understood what I read but I’m such a junior at it, or (I feel I) would appear such a junior as I’m lacking in ‘experience’ in a given area of life/discussion or
c) I’m rather afraid of sounding corny.

So I ‘like’. But mostly it’s because I truly really like.

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Turn left at the jack fruit tree

In some parts of the world, finding your way around to a point of interest, X, should be as easy as Block C, XYZee Street, 3rd Avenue. And as it’s written is exactly as you’ll find it.

Karibuni kwa Uganda. In the Central Business District of cities and towns, places are rather easy to locate. Streets have names, plots have numbers and buildings have names. In some places  the order is a little haphazard but you eventually get where you need to go. After swimming through the sea of human bodies, that is.

Outside the city, and even within the city but outside the CBD, it takes a lot more than GPS and a good sense of direction to get where you’re going. You stand a far better chance with superb people skills, determination, eagle-like eye sight, and truck loads of patience. Because homes are not constructed here as they are in the west or other parts of the world with planned communities, planned homes, intricate urban planning et al, addresses become hard to locate. Here, land owners cut and sell their plots of land as they see fit. As long as an access road can be routed to that piece of land, it’ll be fragmented and sold. I know there are some rules, but some people ignore them. People will build their houses facing wherever, as they see fit.  In extreme cases, when the seller happens to be someone of questionable character you may even find yourself having purchased a piece of land without an access road. Ambulance chases are to lawyers in the west what land wrangles are to lawyers over here. Most places don’t have addresses. Nothing is recorded, unless it’s a place of business in a business area, you cannot look it up in a directory. And not even all places of business are recorded in directories. So directions to someone’s home could go something like this:

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