22 Extra Words!

I’m writing this thing that requires a limit of 1000 words. Problem is I have 1022 words, all of them important. Ever tried to get rid of 22 words and somehow you just couldn’t? English summary was such a huge part of English language composition lessons, and yes I did quite well at it, if I may I say so myself, but my, these 22 words are keeping me up and it’s 3:00am!

Okay, back to getting rid of those 22 words and getting some sleep.


4 thoughts on “22 Extra Words!

  1. It’s awful to set a limit when all you want to do is write. But well, if you can get rid of those 22 words, it means you’ve got discipline when it comes to writing. That’s great. So good luck! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll make it!

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