As it was meant.

It’s all as it was meant to be.

If we were all wise, made only wise choices and did just what was right every time, what would the point in life be, indeed where would the lessons lie? What is it that would be called living; and what, then, learning?

Yes, some must be wise and others foolish. Lying halfway or anywhere along the spectrum that spans the two extremes is also permissible. I daresay, even ideal. That some may teach and others be taught. For we could not all possibly strut around holding our heads sagely, dispensing tots of wisdom to one another only to nod and agree with each other then dispense some more.

Variety is truly the spice of life; how tasteless it would be were we all to be alike! No surprises, no personalities to marvel at, no jokes new to us, nothing to puzzle, no treasures to discover in one another, no persons more special or dear to us than others! It really would be a life without much sweetness.

Perhaps there would be more harmony if we were all alike; yet it is only in diversity that we can learn virtues such as patience, genorosity, compassion, humility. In diversity, our humanity is called for. Were we all to be the same in all things, we would never have need to give, patience would never be called for; our love would never be tried. It would be a weak love, a lazy thing. What is love if it is not tried, if it cannot prove its worth, if its never given a chance to live up to its name? What is love if occassion never rises for it to demonstrate all it professes to be? A tried love is an active love, and an active one true. Show me a lazy lover and I’ll show you a liar.

No, we couldn’t all be the same. Some must be more virtuous than others, some wiser, some wealthier, some stronger. All is as it was meant to be, since the fall of man.


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