Here, it’s done.

I looked in the mirror today, and I could swear this is me 7 years ago.

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Backstage At The Xenson Fashion Show

Here are some highlights from the fashion show that was. First, some backstage action. The excitement, the make-up that you wouldn’t be caught wearing anywhere else but the fashion runway, and peeks of the outrageous outfits before they hit the runway (aren’t you the lucky one! 😛 ) Okay, some pics were actually taken after the runway. The models are more relaxed after the big walk, plus they’re not being herded into position to get on stage so they can have some fun.

Like I said before, it was all afro-centric so the hair and make-up had to reflect that. Prior to having the hair done I had forgotten how unflattering I feel I look with cornrows. I had only ever plaited them once before in my adult life, and this was the second. I was convinced they weren’t for me, and much as a few disagreed, I wasn’t convinced. Gratefully the outfits I was given covered my head, so no worries. The white things in the cornrows are cowrie shells… very traditional here, also used as money back in the day before colonialism.

Backstage action, now.

No, if your lips are painted black, just don’t smile. Alright, go on!
Make-up, make-up and more make-up….
In a Xenson outfit
Bark cloth and denim – designed by Xenson
This one was interesting… no sleeves or outlet for the arms anywhere, at all. Designed by Xenson
Ria, again. She had to walk out holding her bossom like that. The ‘blouse’ is made of raffia, a material we use to make baskets. The skirt is made from white and brown bark cloth.
The other view.
She had fun with it too. Stronger woman than I am, Ria is!
Would you wear this outfit? Go on, ‘fess up!:)
Strike a pose, ladies! Camilla gave me robot…
Yes, these were outfits too. The girls had to walk in angles, walking sideways, as the bamboo was often longer than the width of the hallways backstage.
The things we do for fashion…
She had to walk sideways…
She, too, had fun with it…
There were bags, too. Made of tyres and hide…
I carried this one
As seen here
And here
Her hair is made of raffia, her dress of white bark cloth embroidered with dolls made of banana stem fibres. We played with these dolls as kids!
So, what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I Am A Woman

I am a woman.
I am strong.
I carry loads known to no one
I endure pain known to no man
I hold confindences sacred to many
Secrets not mine
Yet known by only I
I withstand heartache seen by no eye
Fight battles fought by no man
I am a woman
I wear a face so brave
Look each in the eye
Carry my head high
Hold my shoulders back
And speak with a voice firm
I am strong
I am a woman

I am a woman
I am weak
I am afraid of the dark
I am afraid of spiders – and lizards
Even when I would rather not ask
I find myself in need
I am without strength of muscle
I am unlike a man  Continue reading

Of talented bloggers and blog love going around

The lovely Noeleen at recently published a post in which she accepted and nominated other bloggers for the One Lovely Blog and Versatile Blogger awards, and she did it beautifully, true to her artistic style. She posted a video in which she took taste reads of blog posts from the writers that nominated her for an award (myself being one) and the writers she was nominating. In the video, she produces her interpretation of each writers words, complete with scene and set. (Here, Noeleen, your take on Anne’s comes to mind with the towel and all, and the one of you in the dark, with a thunderstorm in the background. Was that a torch you used to create lightning? Or is it my over-active imagination? 😛 )

Here’s Noeleen’s video, I’m honoured to have had her read my work and feature it in hers, and here’s a link to the post that she chose from my writing. Caught In The Cross Fire.


I’m sure you’ll enjoy Noeleen’s video, and the versatility of both her style and the writers read. I got to discover some great blogs, as well.

Au revoir! Enjoy,

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Murmuration  = a flock of starlings.

Here’s why they are so special.


I got this video from Castorgirl at, a blog I found at Alice’s whom I discovered at Lot’s of finding, right? Welcome to the Blogosphere.

Well, I thought I’d share. One simply can’t keep something like this to oneself. It’s just so beautiful, nature is. It’s beautiful, it’s calming, it renders me speechless sometimes. I want to watch this video over and over again, and just sit and gaze and get lost in the starlings’ magic.


Signature - Kat

Sunday Bloom




The gloom.


Blinds drawn,

To let the sun bless,

Impart her warmth,

Share her glow,

The gloom to dispel.

A call to He above,

Lorn and long.

Same each morn,

Songs of praise,

A sigh, a prayer,

His gentle hand I feel,

Never too far away,

To bestow bloom,

Blessings anew,

Flames of faith,

Flickers of hope,

And embers of love.

That eternal trio – faith, hope and love,

At my core abloom.


Clear skies,

Humming birds.

Clear as daylight,

Nature disagrees.

Knows not of the gloom,

Creeping up every morn.

No abode for gloom,

Nature gently screams.

‘Oh, what do you know?’

I want to ask.

Perspective dawns.

Faith. Hope. Love.

‘These three remain.’

Nature too, is abloom.

I yield.

I partake of her bloom.

The End.

I picked these orange blossoms up this morning on my way from church. Wonder what their name is. The little set up on which they stand, that I have had for some time now. I like looking at it, makes me smile, especially the bust of bright colours on the stand (it’s an improvised one). Lately the vase has been sitting there empty, so this morning I decided to put it to good use, add more colour to the set-up, light up the corner. Sunday bloom. I saw these flowers and thought, pretty, I’m taking you with me.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday.
Much Love,
         Signature - Kat

© Kat 2011